Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cool Earth

Two double page spreads for a children's book about protecting the rainforests from deforestation.

Character Designs

Some Celts, and some characters from a book I'm working on for older readers about time travel.

Illustrated Quotes and Sayings

This is my illustration for our course's quotes book. The quote is: 'History is an argument without end.'


I know what you're thinking - ewww....nits are gross and dirty, and in truth, they kind of are, but I don't reckon it's fair that kids get teased about them all the time (in no way do I know this from my own personal experiences...heh). So I wanted to challenge people's perceptions of them by doing a children's book about a girl who gets nits, gets teased but eventually comes to term with it (by the way, that doesn't mean she decides to keep on being infested, her mum combs them the cuss out of her hair).


I like these kids. They were done for my website, but I've been trying to insert them into all my pieces. FUN GAME - see if you can spot them! Oh dear, this blog may potentially be even lamer than my website biography...

History of Cinema

Yes, ANOTHER history-based project... What can I say, my history nerditude (nerdiness, nerdity?) knows no bounds! These are about early, silent cinema and B-Movies.


A sample illustration for a potential Horrible Histories-style book about the history of disease. The disease in question is Tuberculosis, which incidentally provided me with some of the most gruesome Google Image Searches ever...

Old Sarum

This is an image for an information board at Old Sarum, an ancient settlement near Salisbury, in Wiltshire.

Monsters Editorial

Worst Witch Book Covers

Great books!

New(ish) Blog!

Well, I've had this blog for a while now and I think the time is right to actually post something on it, so here goes...

This is the first project I did this year in which things kind of clicked for me in terms of style and subject, also it's about Aztecs...Aztecs are cool - just watch Apocalypto (or is that Mayans?).