Sunday, 31 January 2016

Artist's Guide to Leith Exhibition

From one exhibition to the next - I got chatting to one of the organisers of this mini festival at the opening night of the CharacterMart exhibition, agreed to take part and the rest is history! Here's the page advertising the exhibition:

Because of the time-scale, I decided to work entirely non-digitally, which is not at all how I normally work! This was kind of terrifying, as if anything went wrong with my drawing I wouldn't just be able to erase would be wrong...forever. In the end though, I was really pleased I had done it this way, as there's something about a little hand-done drawing or painting that looks more special and more intimate than a digital print. Anyway, enough waffle, here they are:

These paintings are all roughly A5 sized, done in a mixture of ink and brush pen, and gouache paints. They are available to buy framed for £35.00.

 'Iceberg' - SOLD


 'Acolytes II'





'Honeymooning' - SOLD



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